At Richmond Ford West, everything is in place for you to receive a quick and easy oil change.

At our facility, we have specific areas set up for routine services, such as swapping out motor oil, rotating the tires, or providing a general inspection. If you happen to drive around Rockville, Ashland, or Glen Allen, VA, you can also check out our always-changing list of discounts to get the most value from your visit.

If you have questions about oil changes that aren't addressed in this overview, don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff!

How Often Should Oil Changes Occur?

A popular question our staff answers weekly is, How often should an oil change occur?

The answer actually varies, depending on the model you drive and the strain you place on the engine. However, having your oil swapped out every 5,000 miles is usually a good standard.

The more you ask of your engine, however, the more frequently you'll want to swap in some fresh motor oil.

For instance, high-performance models may be best off with oil changes every 3,500 miles so that you can continue enjoying the thrilling performance. It's the same with trucks. If you want to continue towing large trailers with ease, keeping your motor oil fresh is key!

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

If all that your vehicle requires is a quick oil change, we can have you in and out of our on-site facility in under a half hour.

Part of the reason we're so efficient when delivering oil changes is because our certified technicians have years of experience in the field. Their ability to swap out motor oil in any type of vehicle is further enhanced by our cutting-edge technology, which makes the job simple and efficient!

How Do I Know If My Motor Oil Is Wearing Down?

While it's best to follow the 5,000-mile interval for oil changes, your vehicle will likely show signs a change is needed on its own, too.

Here are a few keys to oil changes you can look out for with your model…

  • Reduced performance: Whether it's sluggish acceleration or diminished fuel economy, any noticeable downtick in the performance of your vehicle can be a sign your motor oil is wearing down.
  • Sludge-like oil: If you look at the motor oil itself, you can tell if it's beginning to wear down. Healthy oil will be fluid and golden-brown, while worn oil will be black and sludgy.
  • Oil dashboard light appears: Certain modern vehicles will have a dashboard light indicating your motor oil is either running low or is worn down.

Receive a Quick Oil Change near Your Home

Richmond Ford West is easily accessible from Glen Allen, Rockville, and Ashland, Virginia.

If your car requires an oil change, book a visit to our first-rate service shop by utilizing our online scheduling tool or giving our staff a call.

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