You can receive efficient and effective diesel auto repair by coming to the service center at Richmond Ford West. We always place the needs of our friends around Glen Allen, Ashland, and Rockville, VA, at the top of our priority list.

Diesel models are a particular specialty because we sell quite a few diesel options from our inventory. Not only are our technicians well-versed in diesel auto repair, our parts department is loaded with diesel-specific pieces.

The following is a rundown to help you learn about our shop and why you can trust your diesel model with our devoted technicians!

Diesel Service near Me

Everything Your Diesel Model Needs

Diesel models require the same routine repairs and stop-ins as other vehicles. Still, there are times when the service for a diesel model differs from that of a gas-powered one. No matter what your vehicle requires, the diesel-savvy technicians at our service center can oblige.

Each technician in our staff has a detailed understanding of diesel cars and what they require to run at their peak, especially from Ford. Our certified diesel technicians have over 20 years of Ford-specific experience. From routine care to one-off procedures, we'll help make sure you drive off the lot in a model that feels fresh off the assembly line.

Diesel Parts Center and Collision Center

One of the things that vary when servicing a diesel model vs. a gas-powered car is that a few pieces under the hood are different. That's no hang-up at our service center, however, as we have a parts department loaded with diesel-specific pieces.

The reason we have so many parts on tap is because we have an extensive lineup of diesel options in our inventory. So, when you come by, we'll easily be able to replace and install the correct piece. If we don't happen to have what you're looking for, we'll gladly order it for you and install the part ourselves when it arrives.

Another key department we have in place is our collision center. For any type of exterior refurbishing, you can stop by, and we'll have your vehicle shining like new again. While the outside of the car is an area of focus at the collision center, we'll also peer into the overall performance and safety of your diesel vehicle to ensure an enjoyable ride as you venture off our lot!

Online Coupons and Scheduling Tools

You can find improved value before coming to our service shop online. You can also book your visit right now using the scheduling tool. It's simply a matter of locking in a time that fits your schedule.

The discounts rotate regularly. So, when you check them out right now, you may see great deals on oil changes. If you look at them again in a few weeks, coupons may pop up for a new set of tires or an air filter replacement!

Diesel Auto Repair in Glen Allen VA

All your diesel auto repair needs can be satisfied at the Richmond Ford West Service Center. When you're ready, book an appointment that fits within your daily schedule around Glen Allen, Ashland, and Rockville, Virginia!

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