Every time you get your car's oil changed, it's important to reset the oil change indicator light on your dashboard. If you don't reset the indicator, you may find that your car will indicate that you need another oil change far sooner than it should.

It'll be difficult to remember when you should have your oil changed if your car is constantly alerting you at the incorrect time. You could end up overspending on oil changes, or if you ignore the alert when the oil truly does need to be changed, you could end up doing damage to your engine. 

It's easy to avoid these problems by resetting this light yourself in just a few simple steps so that you can continue to drive around Glen Allen, Ashland, and Short Pump without an issue. For any assistance or to ask a question, contact your team of experts at Richmond Ford West.

Step 1: Turn the Ignition to Run

There's no need to fully start your car's engine. Simply insert your key and turn it until the car's dashboard lights come on.

Step 2: Scroll to Settings Menu

Use your steering wheel's control buttons to scroll to your car's Settings menu. When you get to the menu, press the right arrow button.

Step 3: Scroll to Vehicle Menu

In the Settings menu, scroll to the Vehicle menu and press the right arrow button again.

Step 4: Scroll to Oil Life

Scroll to the Oil Life section in your Vehicle menu, and press the right arrow button one more time.

Step 5: Hold OK Button

Hold down the OK button on your steering wheel until the display shows Reset Successful.

Step 6: Start Engine

When you've finished, turn the ignition off, and then start the engine to be sure that the oil light reset was successful.

Congratulations, you've successfully reset your oil light!

Signs You Need an Oil Change

Don't forget that there's always a chance you could need an oil change before your indicator light tells you so. It's important to be aware of your car's health by periodically checking the oil level and quality. If you don't have your oil changed regularly, your car's engine could suffer serious damage that could cost you a lot of money. 

  • If your oil looks dark and dirty, your engine won't run smoothly. This is one of the key indicators that you need to have your oil changed.
  • Any smell of oil in your vehicle's cabin is also a sign that there could be an oil leak in your system or that your engine is burning oil.
  • Pay attention for louder-than-normal engine noise or loud knocking sounds coming from under the hood, as these could be signs that your oil is low and the engine isn't running smoothly.
  • Any smoke emitted from the tailpipe of your vehicle is typically a bad sign. This could indicate that there's an oil leak in your engine.

Never ignore any of these signs that something could be wrong with your vehicle. Always contact your dealer near Glen Allen, Ashland, and Short Pump for assistance. If these tips don't seem to be working on your vehicle, consult your owner's manual or contact our team at Richmond Ford West.

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