Your Ford vehicle is certainly in it for the long haul, but just like anything else, it needs a check-up from time to time. One of the most important areas to check is the transmission fluid.

To fill you in on how to tell if you're driving on low transmission fluid, our team at Richmond Ford West has put together this guide on low transmission fluid symptoms in your Ford model. Read on to find out the ins and out of transmission fluid, and what to do if you're experiencing low fluid symptoms.

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

Transmission fluid is the lubricant that keeps the parts of your transmission in motion. It also acts as a coolant and transfers power from the engine to the transmission. Additionally, this fluid cleans and protects the transmission surfaces from wear, and conditions the gaskets, as well.

Essentially, this lubricant is vital to keeping your transmission not just running, but lasting for its entire lifespan.

Signs Your Transmission Fluid is Low

There are several ways to tell if your transmission fluid might be low, and it's important to get your Ford vehicle checked out if you're experiencing one or more of these symptoms.

Low transmission fluid symptoms include:

  1. Transmission Slippage

Your transmission slipping between gears is one of the first signs of low fluid. Low transmission fluid will lead to inadequate shifting between gears, and maintaining the proper gear position.

  1. Rough or Sporadic Gear Shifts

If your shifts happen sooner or later than normal, or is a rougher transition between gears, this is another symptom of low transmission fluid.

  1. Slow Gear Shifts

A delay in driving or reversing is a telltale sign of low transmission fluid, caused by the lack of fluid pressure that would normally shift the gears instantly.

  1. No Shifting at All

If your gears don't shift at all-no driving, no reversing, no moving at all-you'll know right away that this is a problem. This normally happens when the transmission fluid has completely run out.

  1. Transmission Overheating

We mentioned that transmission fluid acts as a coolant to the transmission, so you can guess what happens when you don't have enough of it: your transmission will overheat. If you experience symptoms of your transmission overheating (erratic gear shifts, or a burning smell), stop driving immediately.

Checking Your Transmission Fluid

The best way to avoid your transmission fluid running low is by checking it regularly. If you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact your auto technician immediately.

Our service center at Richmond Ford West can also help. Our highly trained auto technicians know just what your Ford vehicle needs, and we'll be happy to help you out with transmission issues or any other maintenance needs you might come across.

You can easily schedule service with us online by filling out some quick information. We'll be in touch to confirm your appointment date and time, and you'll have your Ford vehicle running like new in no time.


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