Ford Edge Dashboard Light Guide Short Pump, VA

The instrument cluster your Ford Edge is equipped with includes a set of dashboard warning and indicator lights that let you easily monitor the vehicle's driving condition. If you're unsure what a dashboard light means, it can be unnerving when it lights up in your Edge's instrument cluster.

White Ford EdgeAt Richmond Ford West, many of our friends around Short Pump, Ashland, and Glen Allen come to us with questions about the dashboard lights their Ford Edge is equipped with. That's why we put together a dashboard light guide, which provides a comprehensive overview to some of its most common warning and indicator lights.

Anytime you have a question about a Ford Edge dashboard symbol, check out our guide below.

Ford Edge Warning Lights

If one of these warning lights appears in your Ford Edge's instrument cluster, the vehicle most likely requires maintenance. Some warning lights are more serious than others, and understanding what each is trying to tell you is key to ensuring your vehicle receives the upkeep it needs.

Ford Edge Service Engine Soon Light: If the Ford Edge's On Board Diagnostics system detects a problem with its emissions control system, a dashboard light shaped like an engine will appear on the SUV's instrument panel. However, the service engine light may light up for other reasons.

  • Engine Misfired. The service engine light will blink of it detects that the engine misfired, which could damage the catalytic converter. In this situation, you should drive carefully to the nearest Ford authorized service station for assistance. 
  • Starting the Engine. Every time you start the Ford Edge's ignition, its service engine soon light will appear to test the bulb and indicate whether the vehicle is prepared for inspection/maintenance testing. Typically, the light remains on until the ignition cranks fully, but if it remains on for more than 15 seconds and blinks eight times, the Edge is unprepared for I/M testing.

Powertrain Fault Light: If an issue is detected with the Ford SUV's AWD or powertrain, a dashboard symbol in the shape of a wrench will appear on its dashboard. This is the powertrain fault light. Contact a certified Ford mechanic as soon as you can.

Engine Coolant Temperature Light: When the Ford Edge's engine coolant is overheating, a red thermometer-shaped dashboard light with two squiggly lines underneath will show up in the instrument panel. Pull over to a safe location and turn off the engine to let it cool. We recommend calling roadside assistance for help.

Battery Light: The battery light will appear when an issue is detected with the vehicle's charging system, battery, or other electrical components. Turn off all nonessential electrical features and drive to the nearest authorized Ford dealership for maintenance.

Ford Edge Engine Oil Light: Pull over to a safe location and turn off the engine anytime the oil light appears in its instrument panel. Let the Ford Edge's engine cool. Once it's cooled off, check the oil. If it's at an appropriate level, do not drive the car. Get in touch with roadside assistance.

Ford Edge Indicator Lights

2017 Ford Edge DashboardIn addition to its warning lights, the Ford Edge comes with a set of indicator lights that appear in the instrument cluster when nonessential features are in use. Some of these include:

Adaptive Cruise Control Light: The Edge's available adaptive cruise control system will light up white when it's on. While it's engaged, the light will turn green.

Blind Spot Monitor Light: If your Ford Edge is equipped with blind spot monitoring, you'll find a corresponding blind spot monitor symbol and a message in its instrument cluster when activated.

Heads Up Display: The heads up display is a red horizontal line with vertical dashes striking through it. If your vehicle is equipped with adaptive cruise control or a collision warning system, the heads up display will appear on your windshield when they're in use. The indicator will also light up momentarily when you first start the vehicle.

Check Your Ford Edge Dashboard at Richmond Ford West

Richmond Ford West is here to help anytime a strange dashboard light appears in your Ford Edge's instrument cluster while driving around your hometown areas in Short Pump, Ashland, or Glen Allen. Schedule an appointment with your Ford dealership, Richmond Ford West, anytime you're concerned about a warning light on your Ford Edge's instrument cluster.

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