2017 Ford Explorer Dashboard Light Guide

As a driver of the Ford Explorer, it's important to have a basic understanding of your vehicle's instrument cluster. Even more specifically, it's imperative that you know about your dashboard lights and what you should do when they come on. At Richmond Ford West, we're here to help our friends in the Glen Allen, Ashland, and Short Pump area by showcasing the dashboard lights in your Ford Explorer.

In this guide, we're going to show you the difference between the indicator lights, and the more serious warning lights. You'll learn about what these lights are telling you, and what you should do if they appear while you're out on the road. This is your 2017 Ford Explorer dashboard light guide.

The Difference Between Indicator Lights & Warning Lights

It's crucial to know the difference between indicator lights and warning lights. When you first start your vehicle, every dashboard light will appear and then go away after a few seconds. It's the lights that stay on that you should worry about. Indicator lights are simple reminders of a system that is on, or a component that requires an action. Warning lights are letting you know that a component is malfunctioning. If the light is blinking, immediate action is required.

Ford Explorer Indicator Lights

  • Cruise Control. When you activate the cruise control system, this light will appear and remain on until you resume manual driving.
  • Direction Indicator. This light correlates with the direction you're signaling when making a turn. If the light stays on or flashes quicker than normal, it may mean that a bulb burned out and requires a change.
  • Door Ajar. If this light appears, it means that not all of your doors are closed tightly. Pull over when convenient to check your doors.
  • Low Washer Fluid. When your washer fluid is low, this light will pop on to let you know that it requires more fluid.

Ford Explorer Warning Lights

  • Battery. Once you see this light appear, you should immediately turn off your non-essential electrical components and have the battery and system checked by us at a reliable Ford dealership.
  • Brake System. When this light appears, it could be one of three things: either your parking brake is still engaged, there's a malfunction with your braking system, or a low fluid level. If it's not the parking brake, then contact us as soon as possible.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature. If your engine is running hot, this light will come on. Pull over to safety as soon as you can and turn off the engine and let it cool. If the light continues to appear, contact us immediately. 
  • Engine Oil. If this light comes on, you should pull over and check your oil level. If it's at an appropriate level, and the light continues to stay on, contact us right away and don't continue your trip.

Getting Your Ford Explorer Serviced

We hope you found this Ford Explorer dashboard light guide useful. Now you'll be prepared when a light appears on your dashboard while you're out on the road. If a warning light appears and you're forced to pull over, you can always contact us for help. We're always here for our friends in the Glen Allen, Ashland, and Short Pump area.

Stay ahead of your dashboard lights by scheduling preventative service with us today!


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