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  • Ron Kody
    (804) 273-9700

  • Mark Sands
    General Manager
    (804) 273-9700

    Mark Sands is Richmond Ford West's General Manager and has over 30 years of Ford experience.  Mark started his career in automotive sales in 1988 fresh out of the Navy where he served his country.  Mark distinguished himself early on in the Navy, graduating first in his class and rising to the rank of E-5.  Serving for the "Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet" and also part of a small squadron "VC-6 Remotely Pilot Vehicles" where he flew surveillance drones off the deck of the USS Iowa.

    Mark was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Pittsburgh. He and his wife Carol have 2 sons and three grandsons. Mark has a love of the outdoors, all sports and is passionate about hunting and motorcycles of all kinds.

  • Chris Haynie
    Service Manager
    (804) 273-1580

    Chris was born in Radford, VA but has called Richmond his home since 1980. He and his wife Jennifer share two children, Braden and Evie. Outside of Richmond Ford Chris likes to spend time with his family and is an avid Ford Racing fan.  He has been with Ford since 1996 and is a Ford ASSET graduate. Prior to becoming the manager at Richmond Ford West, Chris spent 13 years as a Ford & Lincoln master technician.

  • Glen Trevathan
    Parts Manager
    (804) 273-1581

    Glen calls Henrico home as he was born and raised right here in the county. He and his wife Karen share two sons together. In his spare time he likes to draw, fish, kayak, and watch football with family and friends.

  • Ed Palmateer
    General Sales Manager
    (804) 273-9700

    Ed was born and raised in central Virginia. He is married with 5 daughters and has 1 grandchild. He has spent time in the US Army, in law enforcement and working for the city of Charlottesville. He speaks fluent Spanish and his spare time he likes bow hunting, being an avid outdoorsman, and road cycling which he has logged over 10,000 mile of riding.

  • Michael Rzeminski
    Sales Manager
    (804) 273-9700

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    Michael is originally from the Chicago area before making his way to Richmond. His three sisters and father still reside in the Midwest. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess, running, working out, movies and music. In 2015 and 2016 he held 1st and 3rd place respectively in internet sales conversions in the entire Washington region.

  • Matt Brink
    Sales Manager
    (804) 273-9700

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  • Jennifer Cornaro
    Fleet & Government Sales Manager
    (804) 305-3264

    Jennifer is a mother to five sons and has 3 grandchildren along with her husband Al. Originally from Washington State, Jennifer has made her way to Richmond Ford where she has become master certified as a commercial account manager. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family, muscle cars, chocolate, painting and football.

  • BJ Broooks
    Finance Manager
    (804) 273-9700

    BJ's Reviews

    BJ is originally from Fredericksburg, VA before making the short trek down to Richmond. He has two children and in his spare time he likes to work out, play golf, and basketball. BJ also holds a certification from Resource Management Finance and Insurance of Chicago, IL.

  • Marino Gonzalez
    Finance Manager
    (804) 273-9700

    Marino's Reviews

    Marino was born and raised in the Bronx, and he currently lives in Chesterfield with his wife and three boys. In his spare time he enjoys playing/watching sports and spending time with his family.

  • Marvin Taylor
    Finance Manager
    (804) 273-9700

    Marvin's Reviews

    Marvin is a Richmond native and is married with two daughters and a son. Outside of his time at Richmond Ford Marvin enjoys cooking, chess, fishing, and spending time with his family. Marvin holds certifications with the AFIP and SESCO leadership training.

  • Kayla Kosiewicz
    Internet Manager
    (804) 273-9700

    Kayla was born in Nebraska and has lived in Missouri and Ohio but considers Richmond to be home. She has a younger brother and a cat named Nelson. When not working sales at Richmond Ford West she competes in a pool league, likes to travel, watch Netflix and go to amusement parks. She is a Partners in Excellence award winner and helped raise awareness at the Walk to End Alzheimer's last fall.

  • Joey Foust
    Guest Services Director
    (804) 273-9700

    Joey's Reviews

    Joey was born in KY and has spent time in WV and SC before making his home in Richmond. Now living in Chesterfield with his wife and 5 children, Joey spends his free time with family, his two dogs and attending to his expensive fish and aquarium collection. Joey has served in the Army, is a certified welder and previously worked at a shoe company before making his way to Richmond Ford where he has many sales award and certifications.

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