The surprise and glee on the face of your significant other after surprising them with a gift from Dransfield Jewelers is a one-of-a-kind experience. Each piece found in the shop has a charming background and is sure to make a good first impression. Whether you want something elegant or casual, the experts at Dransfield Jewelers will help you home in on the exact right fit.

Custom jewelry is popular at the store, helping you craft your own expression of love. If you’re looking to offload some of your current jewelry, the shop will happily buy it from you at great value, too!

A Ranging Inventory of Fine Jewelry

If you begin to poke around the Dransfield Jewelers’ inventory online, you’ll find a sparkling lineup of attractive pieces that can pair well with any person.

Those hoping to tie the knot can browse through engagement rings that range from contemporary and bold to classical and demure. Designer jewelry is also a hit with options such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, cuffs, and bangles available.

Pearls, silver, and diamonds that you can customize down to the shape and size are other luxuries that you can expect when searching for the right gift!

Collections from the Industry’s Top Names

While custom jewelry and unique pieces are a big part of what makes Dransfield Jewelers so original, they also house collections from some of the biggest names around the globe.

Whether you start your search online or by stopping into the shop, you’ll quickly recognize names like Nelly Cohen, Elise Moran, Keith Lewis, Stephen Estelle, and Venetti.

Enjoy All Types of Jewelry Services

The experienced and devoted staff of Dransfield Jewelers is capable of much more than just helping you find the right piece for yourself or your loved one. Jewelry is an aspect of your life that should be treated with care and attention over time.

Repairs and cleanings may come in handy as the years pass. You never know when an accident may occur. Appraisals are also available and will be executed by one of our expert staff members. Finally, the shop also buys diamonds and other forms of jewelry.

If you’re looking to expand your collection or want to trade in a few pieces to make room for something new, Dransfield Jewelers should be your first thought!

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