If you drive a truck, such as the popular F-150, chances are you're hauling valuables or equipment. Doing this can give your metal truck bed quite a beating from scratches, dents, the elements and even fading from the sun. The most obvious solution to this problem is to install a bedliner to your truck. Bedliners of all types can protect your truck bed from scratches, dents or dings while also providing a slip-resistant surface for your cargo. 

Bedliners come in two types: Drop-in and Spray-in, both of which Richmond Ford West can install for you. A drop-in bedliner is a simple plastic piece that is "dropped in" to your truck bed while a spray-in bedliner is a coating that is sprayed directly onto your truck bed. Here are some handy-dandy details on each so you know which bedliner is best for you.

  • Easy install - simply drop it in
  • Less expensive than spray-in
  • Easily replaced
  • Covers up existing scratches and dents
  • Water, sand and gravel could get caught between the bed liner and the bed
  • Seamless air-tight layer between the liner and the bed - no worry about water damage
  • Long lasting
  • Increases resale or trade-in value
  • Can also protect bedrails and tailgate
  • Can fade due to sunlight
In summary, your choice would likely depend on if you are looking for the easy and inexpensive drop-in bedliners or the long lasting and more protective spray-in bedliners. To schedule a bedliner install or to learn more information, email jfoust@richmondford.com or call (804) 273-9700.
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