When is the 2019 Ford Ranger Release Date?

In 1983, the Ford Ranger was first released to drivers across the country. In 2011, Ford stopped production of this midsized pickup. However, the 2019 Ford Ranger is on its way and anxious truck fans have been dropping in to see us and simply ask: when is the 2019 Ford Ranger release date? Our team is here to give our friends in Glen Allen, Ashland, and Short Pump more insight and let you know when you can expect to see this iconic pickup on our lot.

A Brief History of the Ford Ranger

There was a high demand for midsized pickups in the late 1970s, and Ford partnered with Mazda to create the Ford Courier, which after a few years was renamed and redesigned as the Ford Ranger. The Ranger offered drivers a smooth and efficient performance, topping off at around 82 horsepower. It wasn’t until 1985 that Ford decided to equip the truck with a more formidable engine, the 2.9L Cologne V6, which added 140 horsepower to the mix.

Over the years, the Ford Ranger received a facelift, as well as updates to the engine to improve performance and efficiency. In 1998, the midsized pickup got its biggest updates to the body and the wheelbase. This version of the Ranger remained until 2012, with a few design updates along the way including a refreshed grille, new seats, and a change to the instrument cluster.

What to Expect with the 2019 Ford Ranger

If you were a fan of the original Ranger, or you’ve been waiting for the right pickup, the 2019 Ford Ranger brings a lot to the table. It comes equipped with the base level 2.3L EcoBoost® 4-cylinder engine, which will blend impressive power and efficiency. The pickup was redesigned from its last generation, but it will keep true to the spirit and the overall look of its original.

On top of a fresh new look, the 2019 Ranger adds some interesting options and technology. Adventurous drivers will love the FX4 Off-Road Package, which includes base and ski plates to protect the undercarriage, all-terrain tires with an aggressive tread pattern, and a status screen so you can stay updated on the truck. The 2019 Ranger can also include some advanced technology like FordPass™ Connect, an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot, and even driver-assisting technology features.

2019 Ford Ranger Release Date

Drivers can get excited that the all-new Ford Ranger is being put back into production. While we’ve heard several updates over the last few months, we know that the manufacturing will begin at the Wayne, Michigan plant in 2018. However, you can expect this impressive compact pickup to arrive at Richmond Ford West in early 2019. Then, you’ll be ready to take it out for a test drive to see if it’s the truck you’ve been waiting for.

Richmond Ford West is proud to help drivers in Glen Allen, Ashland, and Short Pump learn more about upcoming models. Contact us to learn more about this truck and be the first to know about the 2018 Ford Ranger release date!

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